LucasHooping logo Betty Lucas is the quintessential hooping enthusiast with an infectious ability to energize even those who have never hooped or danced. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 51, Betty discovered hooping as a low-impact, full body workout. She has since become a hoop dance and HoopChi instructor and is a certified YMCA group exercise instructor.

Betty Lucas of LucasHooping International Betty teaches primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area but travels with her hoops and has found willing pupils in Australia, Bali, Hawaii, Holland, Israel, Switzerland, Thailand, and beyond. Betty specializes in teaching HoopChi, combining ballroom dance steps with Yoga stretches and Tai Chi moves into her hula hoop dance lessons.

In HoopChi, rather than spinning the hoop around your waist, HoopChi moves the hoop off your body providing a low-impact workout. In addition to toning and strengthening the body, HoopChi also provides hoop dancers new moves and pacing to incorporate into the dance. 

Betty is passionate about spreading the joy of hooping around the world. $5 from each hoop she sells goes to those less fortunate within the U.S. and the developing world. Betty readily communicates her vision by offering classes, hoop making workshops and free outdoor events (see Services).

"My regular workout with the hoop is doing wonders to my waist and my posture. It is also fun, light and getting easier as time goes by. I am very grateful to have a fun, efficient and easy to do workout. Even the very basics and simple routines show results! Thank you Betty."
Laurence Courvoisier Reichert, Geneva, Switzerland

"Hoopdancing is a totally amazing experience for me....I still can't believe it or figure it out so I've stopped trying. It's just that every time I pick up the hoop I hear a voice or have an new idea that reveals the next stage. It's so much fun! Thank you Betty for opening the door and letting this new mode of self expression be revealed and released."
Eileen Lev, Israel

"Ms Betty -- I experienced my hoop as a real dance partner tonight. Gosh, it was so much fun dancing away in my garage... Now I really know what you mean about your 'dance partner'. So very awesome. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and everyone you touch with your passion!"
JoAnn Scordino, San Francisco, CA

"Betty is an extraordinary teacher - I've tried to hoop many times and she finally got me whirling." Sharon Miller, San Francisco, CA

"Ahhhh HoopChi is in me...one of the greatest gifts in life is to have a real teacher, someone who teaches from their direct experience and really observes the student and their individual needs. Dark becomes light. Can't becomes can. Nothing becomes everything. Betty, you are an inspiration! Thank you."
Shivini, Bali Indonesia